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01/06/07 Vikram Nandwani - Rs. 5000

01/06/07 R K Nandwani - Rs. 2000

01/06/07 Devyani Chatterjee - Rs. 1000

01/06/07 Tilottama Chatterjee - Rs. 1000

01/06/07 Sunil Ankalgi - Rs. 1000

01/06/07 Dushyant Singh - Rs. 2000

01/06/07 Kusum Rohra - Rs. 1000

01/06/07 Nirmal Patel - Rs. 1000

01/06/07 Nisha Menon - Rs. 2000

01/06/07 Priyankara Nandwani - Rs. 5000

01/06/07 Saakshi Juneja - Rs. 1000

02/06/07 Pai Family, Mysore, India - Rs. 1000

08/06/07 Shweta Foulger - Rs. 1000

10/06/07 Krishnan Subramanian - Rs. 1000

11/06/07 Anupam (Bombay Addict) - Rs. 1000

11/06/07 Sandhya Surap - Rs. 2000

16/06/07 Abhishek Mukherjee - Rs. 1000

18/06/07 Ketan Kansagra - Rs. 1000

19/06/07 Name Withheld 01 - Rs. 1000

25/06/07 Rashmi Nair - Rs. 1000

25/06/07 Rashmi Singh - Rs. 1000

02/07/07 Mrinal Singh - Rs. 2000

02/07/07 Mike Payne - Rs. 1000

02/07/07 Kim Ward - Rs. 1000

02/07/07 Sunil Samal - Rs. 800

02/07/07 Sriprasad Giri - Rs. 2000

02/07/07 Anna Wakeman - Rs. 800

02/07/07 Nitish Khetavath - Rs. 2000

05/07/07 Simon Foster - Rs. 1000

06/07/07 Steve Concannon -Rs. 800

06/07/07 Diane Smith - Rs. 400

08/07/07 Poonam Arora - Rs. 1000

11/07/07 Vinitha & Rajan Srinivasan - Rs. 2000

13/07/07 Lalit Patil - Rs. 1000

01/08/07 Puneet Malik - Rs. 1000

21/08/07 Andreas Thulin - Rs. 2000

24/08/07 Prashant Karandikar - Rs. 1000

10/09/07 Alexis Leon - Rs. 2000

10/11/07 Isha, Piyul & Anjan Mukherjee - Rs. 3000

15/01/08 Chinmay Pangarkar - Rs. 1000

24/02/08 Ash Nallawalla - Rs.1000

25/04/08 Lavina Melwani - Rs. 1500


Anonymous said...

Excellent website keep up the good work

Curran Padake

singh said...

Your site shows that almost 4000 tigers are left, but TV adds shows only around 1150 left. it is huge difference so please dither update your site or correct the TV Add. but over all, it is very shocking that once the animal to whom the human being was frightened even to listen was now frightened by our shadow.
Poor Tiger will always remember the power of human being.
Now I feel secure to move most of the Jugles, but what about tigers .........

animal news said...

Man is powerful, but a pity that he will never win. He is killing forests, he is killing sharks, he is killing dolphins, he is killing tigers, he is killing birds... but he is too small to understand that he is killing himself by killing others.

Vinod Shukla said...

Save tiger to save Indai

Vinod Shukla said...

Save tiger to save Indai

Anonymous said...

We still havent figured out the impact to the ecosystem should certain specis become extinct. I hope we dont ever have to find out.

Curran Padake

Nisha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saikat Kumar Nag said...

Join hand together to save our tigers at their home and keep something for our next generation to feel that tiger’s behavior not like we feeling regarding dinosaur.
Saikat Kumar Nag

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