About the TATR Community Conservation Project

There are 53 villages on the fringe of the reserve with 60% landless families & no means of livelihood. The project involves establishing a field station at Moharli in TATR and keeping field staff working on employment and other essential works to reduce the biotic pressure of communities on the forest & Tigers.

Your donation will fund a team of 3 conservationists for a year to work towards understanding the problems faced by the tribals in the villages in the area and designing viable & sustainable solutions beneficial to the villagers and the forests.

Project Costs:
Salaries for 1 Conservation Officer & 2 Staff (1 Year) = Rs. 1,56,000
Travel & Office Expenses (1 Year) = Rs. 1,20,000
Total = Rs. 2,76,000

1) A key aspect of the project will be to gather community support and indigenous knowledge for framing and later implementing biodiversity conservation programmes in the Reserve.
2) Man-tiger conflict will fall, and incidences of poisoned waterholes and kills will reduce in frequency. The project will help in strengthening protection to the entire tiger belt, ensuring the genetic viability of this region’s tiger population. In the absence of such proactive measures, it is unlikely that the project area will survive in the long run.
3) Employment opportunities from the district administration will improve, with villagers paid to protect their own source of survival, the forest which provides them food, shelter, water and fodder.
About Satpuda:
Satpuda Foundation is a grassroot NGO works towards the protection of the Satpura landscape which is spread in Central India across two states i.e. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is supported by Born Free & Wildlife Conservation Trust, India. Satpuda is a registered NGO & is headed by Kishore Rithe. Kishore gave up his job to work for wildlife conservation. In view of his contribution, he has been appointed Honorary Wildlife Warden for Amravati and to the Maharashtra Wildlife Advisory Board. He has also been awarded Marathwada Friends of Birds Award in1997, Tiger Link Award in1997, Ashoka Fellowship in 2000 & Conde Nast Traveller's Environmental Award in 2003.
Read his interview here -


CruiZen said...

www.satpuda.org is down today.
Let's hope it has survived. I come from the foothills of the Satpudas, and the jungles there are vanishing very fast.

endangered animals said...

Satpuda is just an example of human whimps and hunger! We are eating up the world. We are eating up ourselves gradually... Who's going to understand this. Tiger is not the only animals that are counting the last moments. Government's serious and unconditional intervention is needed desperately.

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Anonymous said...

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